OR get better shoeing for horses

This new book 'Reclaiming the Farrier's Soul' takes an in-depth look at the ancient art of Farriery, highlighting changes necessary to improve performance and the quality of hoof care and horse shoeing.


Life-long rider and horse owner Alvin Blench seeks to bring the craft of farriery and hoof care in line with current horseshoeing needs essential for modern-day breeds of horses.


The craft of shoeing a horse is one which horse owners, trainers, riders, veterinarians and all equestrian lovers need to understand better, given the benefits and damage that it can do to horse’s hooves, as well as their legs and bodies. Naturally, this is how it impacts on equine welfare.


The purpose of the book is to sharpen the focus on those key principles for shoeing horses that farriery used to have and needs to regain, to preserve those high standards and thereby to reclaim its soul.


This mission is not only for the craft’s sake. There are other deeply interested and committed parties in the skill of horse shoeing:


1.     First and foremost are the horses; they have first claim to higher standards since they are the ones who must wear the shoes and cope with the shoeing treatment given to them.


2.     We, as owners, handlers, veterinarians and others providing equestrian services must take charge of the responsibility to obtain those needed changes from farriers and we can do so with a right that is only natural since they are providing a service to us and our beloved horses. Their craft ultimately is our craft.


3.     Farriers themselves also need to reclaim these standards for the sake of their own professional integrity, to safeguard their livelihoods, their craft, and their souls, both now and for the future.


An overall improvement in hoof care can only happen if all parties interested in this equestrian speciality acquire greater knowledge about shoeing horses. This is a natural way for an improved level of dialogue to develop and it is out of this that the horse’s welfare will be improved. 

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